The Path to Successful Reading

In today’s world, the ability to read is a necessity. Anyone lacking this ability is placed at a severe disadvantage not only in school and in the workforce but for daily living as well. Parents and teachers need to be proactive not reactive when it comes to reading. If children are given the basic building blocks of reading in an organized, logical manner; there should be few if any gaps in their understanding of the reading process. When children develop gaps in their understanding of how words and sentences work, they can find the most creative ways to look like they understand. Theses gaps and ways of saving face will limit a child’s ability to read and will only continue to grow until the gap is identified and fixed. Parents and teachers should not wait until the child fails to begin the intervention process. I believe that, by using the proper tools in the beginning, any child can learn how to read easily and quickly. If a child has already started the process of learning how to read but is struggling in certain areas, I think the tools offered in the website can help to fill in the gaps caused by today’s mainstream curriculum.

Thanks for reading,

Tracy Anne